Simple2Edit Hosting & Maintenance Service

Our ‘Simple2Edit’ service is a content management system that allows you to make your own website changes once your new dance studio site has been launched. It is $47 per month, and includes your hosting. You do need to have hosting with us for this service, as it was built specifically for use on our hosting platform, but again, the monthly cost does include your hosting.


With Simple2Edit, you will be given an account name and password, giving you access to an administrative panel from which you can make changes to your website.

The types of changes you can make are:

  1. text changes
  2. schedule changes
  3. photo additions
  4. changes to an existing photo gallery
  5. embedding of YouTube videos
  6. .pdf uploads

The types of changes you can't make are site modification changes, such as:

  1. changes to your overall site structure
  2. addition of webpages
  3. creation of new photo galleries
  4. changes to an advanced feature (such as a Javascript element)
  5. changes to an online payment page
  6. modification of your navigation bar

If/when you need website modification (for example: to add a page or advanced feature such as a 'member's only' section), we will do the work for you. Our hourly rate is $55, with a 1/2 hour minimum. Some modifications and add-ons, such as a page addition, have a flat rate.

Simple2Edit is perfect for newsletters, calendars, events, schedules or anything you want to change periodically. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding it!

All of our hosting/maintenance options can be found on this page.