Hosting & Maintenance Services

Once your dance studio website is “launched”, our relationship is not over. You’ll be able to easily make most text and photo changes with the Simple2Edit service, and we are here to support you if you get stuck.

Simple2Edit service ($47 monthly)

Once your website is launched, it can be easily maintained by you using our Simple2Edit content management system. It's so nice to be able to make simple changes to your studio's website whenever you'd like and as often as you would like! The service includes hosting (the site must be hosted by us to use this service).

This is by far our most popular service, used by over 90% of our clients.

Simple2Edit includes:

  • Your website's monthly hosting
  • The ability to make your own basic text and photo changes, as well as the ability to link .pdf files and embed YouTube videos
  • A hearty help section with text and video assistance
  • Free support via email
  • Up to 10 domain based email addresses
  • Peace of mind, at no extra charge

Would you like more information about what you can and can't do with Simple2Edit? Please visit our Simple2Edit Details page.

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Kind Words from Studio Owners about Simple2Edit:

"I have gotten GREAT reviews on the website... my parents and students love it.

I also LOVE the simple2edit... it is so nice to be able to login at any time and change the things I need to change!

Thanks for everything..."


Kelly Qui

Fuzion School of Dance in Topeka, KS

"I have successfully made my first edits on the site with Simple2Edit, hooray!!

The tutorials are super easy to follow :-)"


Julia Krentz

Riverside Gymnastics, Sports & Arts in The Dalles, OR

"Every time that I get on my website and make changes, I am so grateful that I chose your company to create and host my site.

This is so easy and cost effective.....I could not be more pleased!"


Paula Magee

Silverton Ballet & Performing Arts Co in Silverton, OR

"I was very pleased with the process of putting my website together and the outcome!

I also have to compliment you and your team on how easy it is for me to make changes to the website (simple2edit feature)."


Erica O'Donaghue

Happy Feet Dance School in Windham, NH


Alternative to Simple2Edit:

'Up to 3 Page Changes per Month' Hosting & Maintenance service ($87 monthly)

Don't have the time, energy, or inclination to do your own website updates? That's perfectly fine. With our 'Up to 3 Changes' service, your website will be hosted and maintained by us, including up to 3 page changes per month.

This service includes changes to the main content of your webpages, such as:

Maintenance changes are almost always made within 1 business day. Changes above 3 in a given month are charged at our hourly rate (we do the most time consuming changes as your 'included' changes, and will invoice you for the remainder). Changes to the structure or design of the website are not included, but we're available to make those changes at our hourly rate.


Website Modification - Hourly Rate ($55, with a 1/2 hour minimum)

Sometimes you may want a special feature added to your website, such as a members' only section or a javascript photo gallery. Or you may want changes made to the structure of your website, such as webpages added or the changing of your logo to reflect a change in your branding. When you need these things, we're here and happy to help. Our hourly rate is $55, with a 1/2 hour minimum, and you can feel free to ask for an estimate from us before we do the work for you.


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