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Are you wanting to improve your dance studio's local search rankings? Find fresh leads? Bring more dancers into your studio? Get (and stay) ahead of your competitors? We can help!!

Local SEO services can do you a world of good if any of the following are true:

  • You have lots of competition in your area
  • Your dance studio is moving to a different location
  • You are growing and adding an additional location
  • You are a new studio
  • You are an established studio, but aren't happy with where you fall in the Google listings for your most important keywords
  • You've noticed that new studios are creeping up to your spot in the Google rankings

The challenge is to ensure that prospects can easily find your studio online, so they can begin to recognize you as the perfect fit for their children. The target is for your dance studio to be on the first page, since 90% of internet searches never go past that, and as near the top of the first page as possible. And ideally, we want your studio to grab a good percentage of that first page real estate.

Long gone are the days when simply having a dance studio website automatically put you at the top of the Google rankings. Since we create new websites using solid initial SEO techniques, our dance websites tend to rank very highly - however, there are many factors at play in search rankings, including the number of other studios in your area and how aggressive they are being with their own SEO.

In short, you'll benefit by ramping up your optimization, and by being better optimized than your competition. We can help with this!


Why Use Studio of Dance .com for SEO Services?

Studio of Dance .com’s Specialty
Our focus is on dance studios, gymnastics centers, and performing arts organizations. As opposed to generic SEO companies, we understand your specific niche.

SEO Expert Danielle Isbell
Danielle not only has years of SEO experience working with local businesses, but also has a background in the performing arts. Graduating from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, she has an excellent understanding of both the performing arts and tech world.

Partnership between the two
Studio of Dance .com creates beautiful, contemporary, easy to navigate websites for dance studios. Danielle’s expertise takes studios’ SEO to the next level. The two together mean you can have full confidence in your studio’s digital presence.

Access to Live Dashboard, updated every week
You can always view your Live Dashboard to check on your rankings, reviews, and competitor comparisons. We feel that it’s important for you to always have a finger on the pulse of your digital presence.

100% transparency
You’ll know exactly what’s being done, why, and what it’s doing for you. If you don’t understand, you can talk to us directly to get clarity.

No long-term contracts
SEO services definitely work best as an ongoing service, but only 3 months of service are required, after which the service is month-by-month.


What is Included in the Dance Studio SEO Service?

First there will be a comprehensive assessment of your dance studio's website and internet presence, to determine where things are now, what's going well, what the weaknesses are, and what can be improved.

The Local SEO Assessment involves:

Once the initial assessment is completed, ongoing work includes:

Your weekly report will include information on your:


What is the Local SEO Pricing?
The cost is $400 monthly for one location, and if you have two studio locations, the cost is $700 monthly. There is a 3 month minimum commitment.


Local SEO Services Can Pay for Itself, and Then Some. How?
Sign up two new dance students, and you’ve paid back your initial 3 month cost. This assumes 9 months of classes - one class per week at $66 per month - and doesn't count additional income from registration fees, multiple classes taken by the student, summer classes, other family members joining the studio, or the fact that the students will likely be students for years.

Additional new dance students you obtain above the first two are immediate profit!


I Have More Questions. Where Can I Find Answers?
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are here. And please feel free to contact us with further questions about your studio's particular situation and needs.


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If you have questions and/or want to get started, simply send us an email or fill out the following form. And if you'd prefer to hop on a phone or Skype call, that's great too! Tell us about your studio's goals & needs, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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Here are answers to some common questions we've received about our Local SEO service:

What does SEO stand for again?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO involves making your site more visible and transparent to the search engines, through adjusting, developing, and tuning the content and code of a website and promoting that website on other sites throughout the web. In plain English, it is the activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering.

How is Local SEO different than Standard SEO?

Local SEO aims to capture searchers who are looking for services that are physically located close to them or in a specific geographic area. “Near Me” searches have increased exponentially over the last few years, with mobile devices outnumbering desktops for local searches. Having a strong Local SEO foundation is a must for any business with a physical address or any business targeting a specific location.

Can you guarantee that my dance studio will hit the #1 spot in Google?

Precise time frames or specific rankings can't be promised because Google’s algorithm is too unpredictable. However, we can implements the steps and techniques needed so that you can rise and stay above your competitors. With thoughtful choices and concentrated effort, a website almost always rises considerably up the rankings.

In addition to seeing rankings increase, we also want to see your business grow. Anyone can make a graph go up, but what’s important is that your classes are getting booked!

We take a holistic approach to Local SEO and work with you so you know what actions are driving leads and what aren’t. We are able to provide recommendations that help move the needle and take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts.

PRO TIP: We've all received those spammy emails with people (or bots) telling us they can "get us into the #1 spot in Google". Whether or not you choose us for your SEO Local needs, please stay away from those types of emails. Stay away from them like a hot potato. Only go with a person or company that you trust or have searched out!

What is Studio of Dance .com, and why should I use them for my SEO needs?

Since 2002, we have designed beautiful websites for dance studios. Our background is in dance and the teaching of dance, and so we speak dance as well as tech. Having specialized experience in dance studio websites, branding, and marketing for over 15 years, we know the dance world like no other Local SEO folks. Most importantly, we care strongly about helping studio owners achieve success and ease with their businesses. Owning a dance studio is difficult enough!

Can you tell me more about the person we'd be working with?

We chose to partner with Danielle for a number of reasons. Not only does she have over 4 years of experience helping brick & mortar businesses with their local search rankings, Danielle also has a strong performing arts background. She understands the everyday struggles of running a business, and has a passion around taking the mystery and guesswork out of SEO so that local business owners can get back to what they are great at. She’s smart as a whip, kind as can be, and is excellent at explaining SEO without all the techno mumbo jumbo.

A little bit about Danielle Isbell:

Additional services offered:

How does the service help my specific studio and needs?

Our Local SEO service focuses on what’s unique about your dance studio and what specific challenges you face - be it a name change, an added location, or a plethora of competitors in your area. We determine and implement the types of strategies that are going to get your dance studio the most traction. Our approach is as unique as your studio, because a cookie-cutter solution just isn’t good enough.

If my dance studio's website was well optimized when it was built, won't that be enough?

If you're lucky enough to be the only dance studio in your area, perhaps, but otherwise likely not. Ranking high in search engines, local directories, and maps can be difficult. There are literally hundreds of ever-changing factors that come into play, and dozens of places your studio needs to be. Add to that the fact that your competitors are likely increasing, and trying as hard or harder than you to capture first page position, and the need for SEO becomes evident.

Why is there a 3 month time commitment?

SEO work is very front loaded, and it also takes time to show results. We want to make sure that we have enough time to move the needle for your website and adjust as needed to maximize your results.

It seems like the cost to use the service for a 2nd location should be a lot cheaper. What's up with that?

Every location is unique and involves the same amount of time and effort as adding a completely different business. Multi-location Local SEO involves managing mentions of each studio’s location around the web, as well as on-page optimization and the tracking of rankings for each. Optimizing every location's Google My Business Listing and managing reviews for each studio location are other important keys to success. So while we do give a discount per location when adding additional ones, it’s still the same amount of work.

I have two studio locations, but would like SEO Local service for just one of the locations. Is that ok?

Absolutely! If you only want to focus on one location, we recommend starting with the one that needs the most improvement. It’s very common for multi-location businesses to be successful with one, but struggle with additional locations when they start branching out.

Why is it smart to continue after the initial 3 months as an ongoing service?

SEO takes time! Three months just allows us to scratch the surface of what’s possible for your dance studio. Having someone in your corner whose job it is to keep an eye on rapidly changing SEO trends and strategies can be invaluable and will help you stay ahead of the curve. In addition, ongoing support will allow you to keep an eye on your reviews, rankings, citations, and competitors.

How do keywords figure into all of this?

You need to show up in queries for a variety of keywords that describe your dance studio and offerings, such as “ballet classes in yourcity” and “yourcity dance studio”. We have tons of data on what people search for when looking for a dance studio. Between that and researching your specific needs, programs, and location, we'll know the words your target market uses to find you and what to do with them. We get you found for the keywords and phrases that matter to your dance studio!

I've heard that some SEO techniques are shady and unethical. Do you use such techniques?

No way! As small business owners ourselves, we believe it's important to give businesses their best chance to succeed, but only in a fair and ethical way. We use only Google-approved methodologies and "white hat" techniques to raise studios' visibility. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it means you'll always stay on Google's good side, which is a good place to be. If you prefer shady, "black hat" techniques to improve your studio's ranking, we are not the ones for you!

I don't really want or need a new website. Can I still use your Local SEO service?

We can either build you a new, optimized website, if that’s what you need, or optimize the one you already have with all the right signals to push you to the top and in front of as many customers as possible. We're here if you need a new website, but there is zero pressure for you to do so.

I need a Facebook ad campaign. Is that something you do as well? How about Google ads?

Yes, we do also offer Facebook and Google ad campaign design and management, and also can provide you any professional graphics you may need. Feel free to ask us about these additional services.

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