Dance Website Design Add-Ons

Of course, each dance studio is unique, and you may not find that the Standard Website Package perfectly fits your needs. We like to be transparent and give you all the information you need, from the outset, so you can make an informed choice when choosing a website design company.

To that end, here are the costs for some common add-on items. If you desire something that is not listed below, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll let you know whether we can provide the add-on and what the cost will be.


Extra Pages during initial design process
$35 each

Extra Pages once the website has been "launched"
 - $50 each, if no change is needed to your
   navigation bars
 - $90 for the first page, if a change is needed
   to your navigation bars. $50 for add'l pages
   added during the same session.

The addition of a page includes the formatting of its initial content. We're happy to give a quantity discount for more than 10 additional pages.

Additional Images (above the 24 included in the Standard Design Package):

Formatting and adding photos within the text/paragraphs of your webpages (not in a gallery) is charged per hour, which is $55.00 with a half hour minimum. We can optimize and add approximately 16 photos in an hour. You can also add photos yourself using Simple2Edit once your website is launched.

If you'd like a very large number of additional photos/images added, we'll apply a quantity discount. Just ask!

PayPal Online Payments:
$160 for up to 6 buttons (additional buttons $10 per)

With this feature, PayPal buttons are added to allow your customers to make tuition payments online. You can choose one-time payments (for example: $45.00 for one month’s tuition), ‘open amount’ payments (where the customer inputs their own amount), and/or Autopay payments (payment plans, ie. $45.00 per month for 9 months).

Here’s an example of the PayPal payment feature on one of our customers' sites.


  • PayPal coding and integration
  • A link to the payment page from an existing webpage, or from your main navigation bar if you are a new customer *

* If you are an existing customer who would like this feature, and you’d like a button directly to the page from your navigation bar, it is $55.00 extra. This cost is to restructure your navigation bar and change the nav bar on all of your webpages.

Instagram Feed:
Setup fee: $45

Adding your social media icons with links to those accounts is included in the standard design package. If you'd like an Instagram feed to display the most current and candid of your studio photos, however, there is a one-time $45 charge.

Online Registration Form:
Setup Fee: $225 *

With an online registration form, when your customers fill out the form and click ‘send’, the registration information goes directly to your email inbox. All of your classes are added, if you desire, so dancers/dance parents can specify which ones they are interested in. We can also require dance parents to mark that they've read and understand your policies (and link to those policies).

Here’s an example and a second example of registration forms on our customers' sites. These forms are live and active, so please don't click submit.

* If you are an existing customer who would like this feature, and you’d like a button directly to the page from your navigation bar, there is a $55.00 additional charge. This cost is to restructure your navigation bar and change the nav bar on all of your webpages.

Do you already use Studio Director, Jackrabbit Dance or another similar service?

Additional Basic 'Contact Us' Form:
Setup Fee: $75

One contact form is included with our standard design package. If you desire more than one 'live' form on your website, the setup fee is $75 per add'l form.

There are a number of configurations, but here's an example of a basic form. The form is live and active, so please don't click submit.

Photo Gallery:
$65 each

To add a photo gallery with up to 40 photos is a flat $65.00 - here's an example from one of our websites. Once your website is launched, you can 'change out' photos in your gallery yourself using Simple2Edit.

'Members Only' Section:
Setup Fee - $75

The member’s only section, aka password protected section, includes a login box from one of your existing webpages and a password protected page of information.

If you’d like more than one page in your password protected area, additional pages run at the usual cost ($35.00 per if added while we’re creating your website). The initial formatting of the content for the password protected page(s) is included.

If you have questions regarding this feature or envision a different configuration, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Online Coupon:
$60 each

Having a printable coupon can give new visitors to your website that extra nudge they may need to register with you. The $60.00 charge includes the coupon design, creation and upload of a webpage for the coupon, and a prominent link from your ‘About Us’ page or another existing page on your website.